Allergy tools with smarts

Learn what kids’ allergies are and the difference between them and a cold.

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Allergy Glossary

This handy list of common terms can help you understand conversations with your doctor.

Smart tips from parents*

"Throw their clothes in the wash immediately after they finish playing outside. It will help reduce the chance of allergens and dust accumulating in your home!"

- Betsy, Mom from New Jersey

Smart tips from parents*

"As busy moms, we spend hours in our cars driving our kids. But we sometimes forget our cars collect allergens just like our home—especially from dust and pollen. Clean the inside of your car regularly to help reduce allergens in your ‘second home’."

- Rebekah

Smart tips from parents*

"Choose a day to thoroughly dust your home, including all air ducts, before winter comes. If you wait, the dust becomes trapped in the home, circulating for the long winter. "

- Missy Kay, from Michigan

Smart tips from parents*

"Always have a face mask in the fridge. It soothes the swollen eyes and helps relieve headaches."

- Amanda, from Ohio

Smart tips from parents*

"I highly recommend purchasing an air purifier. They actually help filter out allergy-provoking substances in the home during the allergy season."

- Ty, from California

Smart tips from parents*

"Have the kids take off their shoes at the front door to help avoid tracking pollen and allergens throughout the house. "

- Beth, Mom of 3